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Commons Alcohol Licence Maybe Refused

“Did You Spill My Pint?” Westminster magistrates may refuse the renewal of an alcohol licence for the bars at the House of Common as Muck. They are concerned about the level of violence associated with the amount of drink consumed … Continue reading

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Doctor’s Pensions

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said the NHS pension scheme is “amongst the best available anywhere”. While that is true what he forgot to add was that is APART FROM THOSE PAID FOR BY THE TAX PAYER AND ENJOYED BY … Continue reading

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Is This Women In The Wrong Job?

Could it be that she thinks that rather than working at The House of Commons she believes she should be attending The House of Representatives? There certainly seem to be a crop of cases that are causing her a large … Continue reading

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Two Links

Two new links on the Gallery page

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Three Days

Just three days before you can save your money.

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RBS Bonuses

Remember we own 83% of this Bank. Yes – 83% of it. They are going to pay their Investment Bank Staff a total of £390,000,000 in bonuses and the total pot for all staff is £785,000,000. This is the bank … Continue reading

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Frank Carson

Very sad – great bloke. “It’s the way I tell ’em”.

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