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Water Companies Repair All Their Broken Pipes

Of course they haven’t! Much better to tell the customers not to use a hosepipe and, finarh, finarh, shower with a ‘friend’.

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Interesting Juxtaposition

New ‘British’ Athletes and Eric Pickles “speak like a native”. Bet when it comes to it though Pickles will be sat on his double seat at the Opening Ceremony.

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Dwain Chambers Drug Cheat

So when does the clean athlete who lost his place to drug-cheat Chambers get his GB vest and a chance to take part in the race he lost out on? Let’s start thinking about the real victim here – the … Continue reading

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TV Shocker!

Despite extensive investigation by the team here we can reveal news that will shock the nation. We have cross referenced the papers, the listings magazines and the Interweb but it seems our findings are indeed true. It would appear that tonight, for the first night … Continue reading

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