Here Is A Thought For All Those Apple Trendies.*

Don’t get too smug because Blackberry are struggling.

The latest model by Apple: The iPad MC705LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black)

$570 but prices may vary across the US. Apple wages in China $1.78 an hour.

$570 / $1.78 = 320 hours

It will take you all of two months wages to buy what you make every day except, of course, it will take longer because then you have to deduct for accommodation…oh yes, and food, and fuel, and clothing, and, do you know something? What they hell would you do with an iPad anyway??????

We wonder what the profit is per unit?

Think about it the next time you queue all night for your must-have iPing.

*’Apple trendies’ are those who don’t really know anything about IT and use any form of computer merely as a glorified to-be-seen-with telephone. (Do you mean Stephen Fry?) We are not thinking of anyone in particular (It’s Stephen Fry isn’t it?) but you know the sort, they are given stuff free (It is Stephen Fry!) and then they tell us what ‘good value it is’. We feel sure you know them (Like Stephen Fry.)

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