Labour Lose By-Election

We don’t endorse whoever won the seat in Bradford. As far as we are concerned, to misquote William Shakespeare,

“A Plague On ALL Your Houses”.

What we did like was that the sitting party LOST! The dream that at the next election every single sitting MP, or the party they represent, lose their seat is something we hang on to. To see everyone of the smug gits have to troop out of the House-of-Common-as-Muck with their belongings in a cardboard box – bliss!

On a more practical level we started to think about how much the winner should be paid. With a turn-out of just about 50% we’d be prepared to pay him £32,869 under our ‘Representative Salary Scheme’ or R.S.S. ( Sunday scroll to the bottom ). Seems more than enough to us.

leaving with boxes

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