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An Apology From The FordingtonField

Sorry readers, we may have been a little too quick to offer praise to the Queen of Extradition. We credited her with having worked out that Extradition and Deportation are two different things but we had not reckoned on that … Continue reading

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What Happens When Politicians Get Involved

Data surveillance seems to be the rage around the world. Reading the email’s of the masses, checking their Facebook pages and even their Blogs. This LINK is going on in India at the moment. It all started with a cartoon … Continue reading

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The Straw That Broke The Camels Back?

First there was the son, William Straw, and the drugs. Straw One Then there was the brother, William Straw, and the indecent assault. Straw Two Now we have Jack Straw and the possibility that he signed off to allow rendition … Continue reading

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