Hunt: ‘Well I’m Not Taking The Blame’

Yet another one. Hunt: a gutless, spineless politician who will do anything to save his own skin. He knew nothing and did nothing so ‘you can’t blame me’. What the hell was he doing all the time when he was supposed to be in charge? Hunt is just the latest in a long, long list of cover-my-own-back-and-sod-you-lot politicians. Smith becomes the fall-guy. Wonder what he has been offered to ‘take the bullet’? Will he be unemployed? Doubt it. Will he lose his pension? Doubt it. Will the Old Boy’s Network just scoop him up and make sure he is comfortable for the rest of his life because he was prepared to ‘take-one-for-the-team’? Probably.

All smells a bit fishy to us and there are only two things that smell of fish.

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