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We Are Horrified!

With so many checks, scans and body searches carried out on those that fly these days we were shocked. It seems that a group of individuals were allowed to transport a NAKED FLAME on board a passenger aeroplane all the … Continue reading

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Shock News: Plane From Athens Spotted On Fire

News is reaching the offices of The Field that a plane on its way back from Athens has burst into flames. Our London based correspondent has told us that it appears that a naked flame was being carried on board … Continue reading

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Cameron Declares: “It’s Time We Reformed The House Of Commons”

Of course not! Funny how they all know, Lansley, May, Hague, Osborne, Pickles (sorry! ff) and Cameron what is best for their little patch but not one of them is able to get down to the real nitty-gritty. What we … Continue reading

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