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TV Interviewers: Why?

Why is it they never ask the pension arrangements that politicians have? They are happy to listen to all the crap that MPs’ come out with about others pensions but will not ask MPs’ about theirs. Why? What is that all … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg Is Not An Illusion

It seems he might exist. If he can make any difference? We have our doubts. Clegg Rants and Raves at Gollum over Education

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Can’t See Any Graphics On This Page?

If you are having this problem then CLICK on another page and then click back on HOME. (Don’t know why but it seems to cure it! ff)

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Jimmy Carr 1 The Rest 0

No time to start cheering, now is when we start working on the rest of them. Footballers would be a good place to start.

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