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BBC Tax Avoidance

So it wasn’t just Gobby Logan, seems they are all at it! There is a lot more of this to come out! (Need to register. ff)    Even more on this. Just a snip of the link: “The BBC has already confirmed in … Continue reading

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Can WE Sack All The MPs’?

They can then apply to have their seat back. “Oy, Lansley! Why are YOU bothering to take an application form?”

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This Is London 2012 – “Light-Out, It’s 10:30”

The capital is just so welcoming to the rest of the world – athletes better not win any medals late in the evening; they will never find their way home with the lights out. You couldn’t make it up.

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Gollum Gove And His Marrakech Express Fast Food

Always seemed odd that Gollum ignored the work Jamie Oliver had done with regard to school meals, given his popularity, but he never really had the ‘right’ background or accent. Someone from the Dimbleby dynasty though, that’s different. So chef Henry … Continue reading

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