Why Sportsmen And Women Should Not Be Interviewed Live

“Swimming Is The Hardest Sport To Medal At”

Really? Now we are not claiming to know a great deal about sport but we do have a lot of commonsense.

Can’t help feeling that preparing and then cycling 155 miles (Olympic Road Race) might be quite hard work. In the wind and the rain mind you.

We also reckon that preparing and then running 26 miles (Olympic Marathon – an iconic event in the history of the Olympics) takes a greater toll on the body than swimming in a heated swimming pool a grand distance of 400 metres (Might want to check if the original Olympiads even DID any swimming).

There is a greater danger though, you wouldn’t want to ‘hit-the-wall’ in a pool would you! (That is a belter! ff)

“I’m saving these for friends”

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