Michael Gove MP: “My Olympic Legacy Is To Sell Off 21 Playing Fields”

You’ve got to be honest – Gollum Gove really looks the sporty type! You can just tell he was one of the two left when the Captains were picking teams and heard the crushing line –

“That’s Alright, You Can Have BOTH Of Them.”

“PE Is Very Precious To Me”                 Heavens he looks hunky without a tie!



Good to see his prospects of becoming PM are around the 2% (Heaven help us with Bungling Boris!) but this will not stop him selling fields – Thatcher started it, the Son-of-Thatcher continued the scheme and Cameron, with the support of Gollum is continuing it.

Olympic legacy? Our big fat hairy (.)! Link

Thanks to the Guardian

BBC Footnote:

A News reporter was talking live about the Olympics, very dangerous, and picked up on this ‘Schools’ idea. He came out with the line that really showed what a grasp he has of Olympic Sports – “How do we get them to PLAY more Gymnastics?”

Good grief. Heaven help us!!

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