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Labour Present Their Two ‘Eded Monster

They are not trying to rewrite a bit of history are they? A full report to follow later but remind us all because we are not sure anymore. MiliBland did go to Corpus Christi College, Oxford didn’t he? Can we … Continue reading

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Elections In The US Are A Bit Different To Ours! And Some!

They don’t mess with pretty political lines over the pond. Oh no, they say it just like it is! Steady yourself for a video hit at Oven-Mitt Romney and no mistake. Why You Shouldn’t Vote For Oven-Mitt Ouch! WARNING: Contains strong … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson Forced To Retract ‘A Pack Of Lies’ Shocker!

Seems the Mayor of That-There-London, Boris Heaven-Help-All-Of-Us Johnson, is getting found out when it comes to talking all his usual cobblers. We can only hope that as scrutiny is given to the crap he talks he will be exposed as the … Continue reading

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It’s True: “The Drugs Don’t Work” – Poor Brian Wilson

The Beach ‘Shell’ Boys were on Jools Holland this week. Poor Brian Wilson was just the shell of the man he used to be. Very sad and close to pathetic to be honest. Wasn’t easy to keep watching him sat at … Continue reading

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Off-Shore Cameron & Deadwood Milibland Compared

With Politicians wasting our time talking to themselves it might be interesting to check out the Body Language of these two jokers. On the plus side it has to be said that at least Deadwood faces front and looks at … Continue reading

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David Laws Is A Bit Of A Shit – Suggests His Father

Father of disgraced David Laws says “the Lib Dem deserves to be in jail over expenses.” But What’s-the-point-of-Nick-Clegg welcomed him with open arms. Just how toe-curling was that? This is what his OWN FATHER thinks. This is what WE think.

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Johnson Accuses Cameron Of ‘Cheating’

In an amazing outburst Johnson has claimed that Cameron knew the correct answers to the Letterman Level Exam Questions all along! He accused Cameron of adopting the ‘Andrew Mitchell Defence’ as he had his fingers crossed the whole time. The reason behind this … Continue reading

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Libor Scandle Update

Finally someone has realised what a scandle this is so we get “Libor interest rate riggers ‘should face prosecution’ ” from regulator Martin Wheatley. Notice that is a ‘should‘ not a ‘will‘. In June, Barclays was fined £290m because its … Continue reading

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David Off-Shore Cameron Displays A Surprising Lack Of Education For An Old Etonian

He didn’t even know who wrote ‘Rule Britannia’ and then who put it to music. Shocking! Lifted out of our copy of “Every Schoolboys Book Of Knowledge”: “Rule, Britannia!” is a British patriotic song, originating from the poem “Rule, Britannia” by James Thomson … Continue reading

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Update: Ferret Watch Live

Well we got that wrong! Kirsty Bloody Allsopp? Steve Way-Past-His-Sell-By-Date Coogan? There was a time when this was a serious TV discussion. The BBC seem to have managed to complete the task of Dumbing-Down just about everything they have so what … Continue reading

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