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To All MPs’ Going To The House of Commons

We thought this might be useful –   Don’t worry though, it only looks like two weeks before you all have another holiday. Don’t forget you’ve got next Monday off though – don’t want you turning up by mistake!!!!!

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Cameron Spends The Weekend Watching His Favourite Film

“Now THAT’S a good idea”

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” ‘Lying’ Blair And Bush To Face Trial In Hague Criminal Court”

Says Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He claims Blair and Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and it’s about time they both faced the consequences of their actions. Not Before Time. Now, just a thought, if the two of them were, … Continue reading

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Parkinson – Whitehouse – Cougan: Please Give Us A Break!

Michael Parkinson, please, Enough is Enough! That sun does not shine out of your bot and there are more Parker pens in circulation than the planet will ever need. Enough. Paul Whitehouse, please, Give it a Rest! They are not … Continue reading

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