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Cameron And Osborne Both Given The ‘Bums-Rush’

So just how much do the public despise these two? Link with a video. Off-Shore to Gideon – “It’s our finest hour”

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David Laws: Expenses Scandal, Resignation and Suspension

Just in case people have forgotten: On 28 May 2010, The Daily Telegraph disclosed that David Laws had claimed more than £40,000 on his expenses in the form of second home costs, from 2004 to late 2009, during which time he … Continue reading

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Did We All Pay For This MP ‘Jolly Boys Outing’?

Just as our students were getting to grips with a moving grade boundary – this was going on.

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We Know How To Win Pole Vault Gold Medal

We reckon all you need is a 40 foot pole and you’ll sail into the record books. That’s right isn’t it Oscar Pistorius? It’s just down to the length, nothing else to it?

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Apple Announce Their NEW iPad 6!!!


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Dave Off-Shore Cameron May Have ‘Over Done It’ On Holiday

May well have tucked into the pasta a little too much there ‘Off-Shore’!

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First Day Back Doesn’t Go Well For Gove

Gollum had to report to the Headmaster on his first day back and was forced to explain the accusation that he had cheated in his English Exam. He was put in detention at lunchtime and given lines to do. Well … Continue reading

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