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We Are Very Sorry – We Got The ‘Wrong’ Theresa May

Given the right good audio kicking Theresa May got at the Games tonight though she might have wished Teresa May had gone in her place. Our unpaid intern looked up the wrong May – easy mistake to make. This is the photo … Continue reading

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Theresa May Delighted With The Result Of The Reshuffle

(Is this not just a shuffle as it’s the first? ff) Theresa told us she was “Delighted to be carrying on” in her role.

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Even Worse Than The Bullingdon Club

So Off-Shore sticks with his best Chum Gideon while Clogger gets Lawless back by his side. Nice. Better contact HM Stationary Office – looks like we are going to need a hell of a lot more expense forms at the … Continue reading

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Oh Good – MasterChef!

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Replacing The Faceless With The Nameless

Even Adam ‘AA – AA – AA’ Boulton didn’t know who the hell he was! What a bunch of utter wasters. Still, the good news so far is that Warsi and Lansley have both been SACKED. Don’t believe any old … Continue reading

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