What’s With This ‘Price At The Petrol Pumps’ Smoke-Screen?

The Office of Fair Trade seem to be blowing smoke over this issue. What seems to be ignored is the old mantra:


It’s The (bloody) TAX Stupid! It’s Gideon Osborne and his constant application of TAX on fuel.

Nice red-herring to jump on the ‘Blame the Supermarkets’ bandwagon but they are not top of the problem pile.

“Why should I care? Why should I care?” –       5:15 – Pete Townsend

Local Update: An unnamed supermarket, down by the football stadium, only has the High Grade (expensive) unleaded; nothing else. Now this wouldn’t be a move to shift a lot of this higher priced fuel rather than the cheaper version would it?

Just when we were trying to defend the supermarkets! That will teach us.

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