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Jeremy Isa Hunt: The New NHS Boss

Unlike most UK press we will tell you from the start we have not been able to back this up. This may or may not be true. We’ll leave you with the link. The Link

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One Million Dollars For 3 Hours Work: Tory Bliar

It’s hard to get your head around this. This War Criminal, who should be on trial at the Hague, has found himself a nice ‘little’ earner. Seems he has also found a ‘Hair-Stylist’. Link Check -Out The Sunday Times – What … Continue reading

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Bungling Boris – Wants To Be An MP! HELP!!!!

Check the reports on Sunday. Seems Bungling Boris thinks he ought to be a Member of Parliment. Well he is certainly a big enough tosser to be one but why the hell would we want that idiot in Parliment. Leave … Continue reading

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Nobby Hangs Out Again

Nobby is back after his ballroom problem.

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Celebrity Toilet Roll Up For Sale

We’ve got 600,000 of these damn toilet rolls and don’t have anywhere to store them. Any offers out there? Any reasonable deal considered.

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“In The Thick Of It” Returns Tonight

The next assault on our hapless politicians begins tonight at 9:45. It hits the mark but at times the hypocrisy it is exposing is sometimes lost in the brutality of it. For us the far more subtle “Yes, Minister” and … Continue reading

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