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Is Murray Really That Tight?

Is this bloke really trying to tell us he can’t afford a decent hair cut? Tight Git.

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The Speaker Of The House Of Commons Must Be So Proud

The attention seeking wife of the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has found her way into yet another mind numbing vehicle on TV. She is off on holiday in Spain with some other bloke she met on … Continue reading

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Does This Mouthy Git Think That Makes Up For 23 Years Of Lying?

To pick-up on a tweet: He should now be refered to as – Kelvin MacKenzie the lying toad who is the former editor of the disgraced Sun newswrapper.

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Where Is This Mouthy Git Today?

Always ready to shoot his big fat gob off but we don’t seem to have heard from this tosser.

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The Hillsborough Disaster.

Finally we seem to have the truth. Now there needs to be justice. Quickly.

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