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At Last! Long Awaited CD Released

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Just a quick ‘Thanks’ to everyone who joins us on our crazy little rant each day. Cheers us to think that maybe we’re not that crazy.

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Gollum Gove Attended Robert Gordon’s College

Instead of messing about with the exam system he might like to think about the privileged education HE had. If you would like to send your little-darling where Gollum went then you are going to need a few pennies. Here … Continue reading

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Chris Huhne In Court This Thursday

Poor old Chris! He’ll be hoping they can speed things up a bit and, being an MP, they can accelerate his case through the courts. Let’s hope events don’t overtake him. Still, at least he has a good woman beside … Continue reading

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How Does Making An Exam ‘Harder’ Improve Standards?

The students are the same students whichever exam they take. Just because the questions are ‘harder’ (what the hell does that mean? ff) how does that improve the standard of those taking it? Like we’ve said before, if you are 6 … Continue reading

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PC Simon Harwood: Let’s Hope We Get The Truth Here As Well

Link Harwood faces a misconduct panel over the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests. We reckon this has come along at just about the perfect time to get justice for the Tomlinson family. What we said some time … Continue reading

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