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Arsenic In Rice: Should We Be Worried?

Seems America is getting interested enough that it is starting to look at the levels. Here’s a LINK

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Great – It’s ‘High Huhne’ – His Day In Court

Thought we really needed to POINT this out. Not long now. Nasty little link

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Eric Pickles Goes On A Diet

Feeling he may be letting the ‘Team’ down with the Party Conference on the horizon Eric has been on a diet. He consulted Gideon Osborne who told him that the best way to achieve this weight loss was to STOP … Continue reading

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Theresa May ‘Destroying Police’, Warns Federation

Does this dreadful women still think she is right to continue with her cuts? This was back on the 16 May 2012. Does she have a clue? Is she capable of acknowledging she got it wrong? Sadly, we doubt it. … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg Video: “Well That’s Alright Then”

One of the most toe-curling videos you will see for some time. Clogger puts ‘everything right’. Not a chance Clegg, not a chance.

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