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The Libor Countdown: WE Haven’t Forgotten

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Cameron Tells Us: “When A Chap Is In Trouble It’s Important His Chaps Rally Around”

Off-Shore Cameron has a large order delivered to No. 10 and makes sure that the ‘Old Bill’ are forced to open the double gates and shouts abuse at the plebs the whole time. His Chaps then unload the delivery and … Continue reading

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Looks Like Nigella Went A Bit OTT Tasting Her New Italian Cookery

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Clegg Single: Don’t Believe The Hype

He couldn’t even get into the Top 100. Auotuned Cheryl (90) managed that! Leaves us to ask just one important question:

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Andrew Mitchell Speaks To Us Exclusively

And the Toad turned up to work in a tiny little VW – people’s wagon. Grief, he is pathetic.

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Terry – He Doesn’t Really Understand It

A bit beyond him but Professional Bodies do often have standards that are higher than those considered purely legal. A Doctor may not have broken the law but they may well be struck off. Same for Lawyers, Solicitors, for that matter, Teachers … Continue reading

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