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David Off-Shore Cameron Displays A Surprising Lack Of Education For An Old Etonian

He didn’t even know who wrote ‘Rule Britannia’ and then who put it to music. Shocking! Lifted out of our copy of “Every Schoolboys Book Of Knowledge”: “Rule, Britannia!” is a British patriotic song, originating from the poem “Rule, Britannia” by James Thomson … Continue reading

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Update: Ferret Watch Live

Well we got that wrong! Kirsty Bloody Allsopp? Steve Way-Past-His-Sell-By-Date Coogan? There was a time when this was a serious TV discussion. The BBC seem to have managed to complete the task of Dumbing-Down just about everything they have so what … Continue reading

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Poor Old Terry – Easily Confused

He keeps hanging on to this ‘not guilty’ verdict. Might have been interesting if they had been able to consider the Scottish verdict of ‘not proven’. That might have been very interesting. His real problem is that he doesn’t belong to … Continue reading

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Ferret Watch Live! BBC Tonight

Oh good, Harriet Harperson (who has had a good henna job at times herself) gets to answer questions sat alongside her best friend The Ginger Ferret. Of course he is known more usually as Danny Alexander-Osborne. Let’s hope Harriet doesn’t get … Continue reading

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Who Remembers This?

All looks a bit hollow now as things have turned out. Four match ban and fined £220,000 – estimated to be a weeks wages for him.

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Four Match Ban & Fined £220,000: John Terry Judgement

Found guilty by th FA of “Racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand“

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Chris Huhne Races Into The Fib Dem Party Conference

The poor deluded soul thinks he could still be Prime Minister it seems. What world do these dreadful people live in? He can look forward to being given the Green-Light as his court case is right on track. Huhne at … Continue reading

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