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David ‘Off-Shore’ Cameron Shows Them All Who’s Boss

Off-Shore has been defeated in Parliament over his negotiating position on the EU budget. He lost by 307 votes to 294 votes. His new chief whip certainly proved his worth! Off-Shore really showed he that he has total control of … Continue reading

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Oven-Mitt Helps Out Working In The Soup Kitchen

Well it’s the Burger-Kitchen to be honest but then it is in America. Just reminds us all that no matter how powerful we think we are Mother Nature is always in charge. Very tragic to hear of those who have … Continue reading

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4G Now Available To Everyone In The UK: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Well maybe not as it happens. In fact there is no chance whatsoever of getting 4G and we would be surprised to see even a sniff of it in the next five years. EE have been allowed to roll it out ahead … Continue reading

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A Judge’s View Of Some Chelsea ‘Evidence’

Worth remembering what HOWARD RIDDLE, SENIOR DISTRICT JUDGE (CHIEF MAGISTRATE) IN THE WESTMINSTER MAGISTRATES’ COURT said about corroborating evidence given by a Chelsea player: “Mr Cole gives corroborating (although far from compelling corroborating) evidence on this point.” LINK Now then … Continue reading

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Gove Gets DfE To Spend £13k On Legal Advice Over Emails

The Department for Education (DfE) spent some £12,539.50 on legal advice relating to a freedom of information (FOI) request for data in education secretary Michael Gove’s private emails. So what was he hiding? Link

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Ex-MP Desperately Seeks Publicity To Kick-Start A Career

Realising that everyone over here finds her a truly loathsome women after being booed at the Party Conference, Mensch (41), needed some publicity to get her face known over the pond. She used the old trick of getting her husband, … Continue reading

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Nobby Has A Rant At The State Of Football

Nobby hangs out with his latest thought on “The Beautiful Game“.

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Not Top Of Our List As A Source But: Paedophile Cover-Up?

Here’s a link to another source for this story. LINK Seems the net needs to go a lot wider than the BBC.

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Is Iain Duncan Smith A Two-Faced, Hypocritical, Tory Git?

Seems that while he is currently trying to deny benefits to anyone he can think of who is disadvantaged there have been times in HIS life when he has been more than happy to accept a state hand-out. Just about … Continue reading

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Rod Stewart: “I Shoved A Can Of Coke Up My Bum!”

It is entirely possible we have mis-read this headline for comic purposes. Other Cola based beverages are available, apparently.

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