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People Do Not Seem To Have Noticed: The Pasty Tax Came In Today

Everything seems to have gone quiet but let us remind you: THE PASTY TAX WAS INTRODUCED TODAY Gideon Osborne has indeed introduced the 20% tax on the Cornish Pasty and every other pasty made in this country. Caviar still escapes all … Continue reading

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If You Like Our Way Of Looking At The World

You will find this Link very interesting. Very much doubt that Off-Shore Cameron likes much of it!

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A Question To All American Readers About Their Election

Can you please explain to all of us over here one very simple thing?  WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE NHS THAT YOU DON’T GET????? Why is the concept so very difficult for you to grasp? Is it the sad mentality … Continue reading

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We Really Are Left To Wonder

Now it may well be the truth, in fact it probably is, but is it really a winning strategy to tell all the voters something like – “Do you know what? If you vote for us absolutely nothing will change.” … Continue reading

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