Sir Humphrey Appleby Would Be SO Proud

“Security implications.” was the great catch-all that Sir Humphrey would use in ‘Yes, Minister’. That would end all conversation and Sir Humphrey would get his way.

Sir Humphrey Appleby

Seems John Bercow has learnt this one and is trying to use it to hide what may well be yet another MP expenses scandle.

From what we can make of it the scam seems to work like this. If an MP rents a flat he can claim tax payers money for the rent. Now what if the MP is renting from another MP who happens to be the Landlord/Owner? That’s one of them sorted so what they do next is swap places with a second flat.

Neither MP lives in their own flat and both claim the rent they are being ‘charged’ by their MP Landlord. This leaves them to set a ‘suitable’ rent for each of their flats which will be reflected in what the taxpayer gives them. Brilliant!

‘Pick a Partner and Pick the Taxpayers Pocket’. Seems a great scam!

We are confident that none of our Honourable MPs’ would consider such an arrangement.


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