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Bradley Wiggins For “Sports Personality”? This Might Not Help

Seems that Bradley may have been moving his finances about recently. These are reasonably sensitive times and the perception may well be worse than the actual deed. He is not alone but does he really want to be associated with … Continue reading

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When is 20% VAT Really 3% VAT? When You Are Amazon!

It seems that if you set yourself up in Luxembourg then you can pull this clever little dodge. Still so sure you want a Kindle for Christmas? The Amazon VAT dodge.

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Did We Just See That Right?

The i advert on TV also advertising Starbucks? Seems a bit odd.

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For Once Gollum Gove Is Actually Correct

Being the typical Nasty Party Tory Supporter, Gollum was dragged out, kicking and screaming, to say that everything about Wally Mitchell was misunderstood and he’s a jolly good chap. He claimed in an interview on TV that as voters we actually have … Continue reading

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