The Battle of Orgreave And The South Yorkshire Police

A group of 10,000 miners found there were 5,000 police facing them. The police then charged the miners but they did it on horseback. This was England, 18th June 1984.

Police then doctored video footage that was presented to the court unaware that others were filming the events. So arrogant had they become that they would not be contradicted that they then made up their statements by collecting in one room and being dictated to by a senior officer. They were allowed to get away with this by a media that was being totally manipulated by the Thatcher government.

The absurd notion that Thatcher had no influence on the actions of the police on that day could only come from young, naive individuals who didn’t live through the dreadful years of Thatcher. The very thought that she would have no knowledge of an event that had the potential to bring down her government is just ridiculous.  The awful women referred to them as “the enemy within” and here she is talking about men bred, born and proud to be Yorkshire men.

The level of police corruption at Orgreave appears to be multiples of that already proved at Hillsborough. In both cases not a single officer has been prosecuted.


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