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Creepy Piers Morgan Revises History

Odd that this vile individual is still a free man, for the moment, but at least he is using his time wisely. Check these two Tweets: check the line the creepy git came out with in 2009 and compare that … Continue reading

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America Wakes Up To What The Future Could Look Like

Do you seriously want a leader who is hard pushed to know the difference on a map between the continent of Europe and the continent of Africa? Even when they are colour, sorry, color coded? Do you really want THIS to … Continue reading

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Noc, The Beluga Whale, Talks To The Field: Exclusive

Listen to Noc HERE. We have had our expert listen to the tape with great care and we can exclusively reveal just what it was that Noc said to the world.

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Oven-Mitt Romney Presents His Foreign Policy

“..And I’m Pretty Sure This Big Purple One Is The United States of America”

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Piers Morgan Arrested And Gaoled For Five Years Shock

No? Well he damn well should be. Now then, if we could just get the South Yorkshire Police Force to investigate him we are pretty sure………….. Back in the papers in connection with phone hacking. Who’d have thought?

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Cameron Suffers From A Serious Memory Loss

Off-Shore Cameron has jumped on a passing bandwagon and tried to point another finger at the BBC. The classic line he has come out with is: “has effectively changed its story” He can say this with what appears to be … Continue reading

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