“Anybody Apart From The Sitting MP”

We will refer to this campaign every now and again as the fancy takes us.

As regular readers know our basic mantra is, in current day language:

“A plague on ALL your houses.”

That’s all very well but what can we do about it?

A mass social-media movement that gets everybody in the country to vote at the next election. What we need is a 100% turn-out. The catch is that you vote for –

“Anybody Apart From The Sitting MP.”

Any collaboration with regard to who to vote for might get into legal problems but an open-ended request is perfectly safe.

The hope is that every one of the useless gits loses their seat. It will not happen! The hope is that enough will get a P45 and those left will not have a mandate worth its name.

We will return to this at a later date.

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