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Rod Stewart: “I Shoved A Can Of Coke Up My Bum!”

It is entirely possible we have mis-read this headline for comic purposes. Other Cola based beverages are available, apparently.

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Berlusconi Gets 4 Years – Now For Blair And Bush

The Italians have managed to do it so why the hell can’t we? Berlusconi only did a little bit of tax fraud. Over here that would probably be put down as mere Tax Avoidance and every MP would be trying … Continue reading

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Vile TV D-Lister Blames Everybody Else – Anyone Know Her Name?

Happy to blame everybody else now while doing nothing about it at the time. A pointless Vile D-Lister accepts no-responsiblity for her own actions as it wasn’t her fault, it was all the others. Remember that the next time she shows that wrinkled face on TV … Continue reading

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David Laws Talks Out Of His Arse – Yet Another Claim

This is the David Laws who claimed £40,000 from the tax payer and who was  found guilty and suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days by MPs in a vote on 16 May 2011. This is also the … Continue reading

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