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Not Top Of Our List As A Source But: Paedophile Cover-Up?

Here’s a link to another source for this story. LINK Seems the net needs to go a lot wider than the BBC.

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Is Iain Duncan Smith A Two-Faced, Hypocritical, Tory Git?

Seems that while he is currently trying to deny benefits to anyone he can think of who is disadvantaged there have been times in HIS life when he has been more than happy to accept a state hand-out. Just about … Continue reading

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Rod Stewart: “I Shoved A Can Of Coke Up My Bum!”

It is entirely possible we have mis-read this headline for comic purposes. Other Cola based beverages are available, apparently.

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Berlusconi Gets 4 Years – Now For Blair And Bush

The Italians have managed to do it so why the hell can’t we? Berlusconi only did a little bit of tax fraud. Over here that would probably be put down as mere Tax Avoidance and every MP would be trying … Continue reading

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Vile TV D-Lister Blames Everybody Else – Anyone Know Her Name?

Happy to blame everybody else now while doing nothing about it at the time. A pointless Vile D-Lister accepts no-responsiblity for her own actions as it wasn’t her fault, it was all the others. Remember that the next time she shows that wrinkled face on TV … Continue reading

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David Laws Talks Out Of His Arse – Yet Another Claim

This is the David Laws who claimed £40,000 from the tax payer and who was  found guilty and suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days by MPs in a vote on 16 May 2011. This is also the … Continue reading

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“Anybody Apart From The Sitting MP”

We will refer to this campaign every now and again as the fancy takes us. As regular readers know our basic mantra is, in current day language: “A plague on ALL your houses.” That’s all very well but what can … Continue reading

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