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Cameron: “I Set It Up But I Managed To Keep Everybody Happy”

Why is it that so many who gave evidence think he is a two faced, Tory Shite? Could it be because he IS a two faced, Tory, Posh Boy, Murdock loving, friend of Bekkie, piece of crap? We certainly can’t be sure. … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton And Her Olympic Legacy

Wasn’t it just wonderful to see the lovely Kate playing hockey today. It was great to see that she was able to perform at the very highest level even though she had kept her overcoat on to keep warm. Even … Continue reading

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Greening MP: Credit Where Credit Is Due

It seems she has saved us some money. As Andrew Mitchell left in a temper tantrum he signed off an aid payment to Rwanda. As we have seen (Link) the leaders in Rwanda are not a very nice bunch. Didn’t … Continue reading

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Just A Crazy Off-The-Wall Idea

Someone in the office came up with a crazy idea. They reckon that the best thing that could happen would be very easy to do and would solve the problems of both sides. They suggested that, “Nobody buys a physical newspaper … Continue reading

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The Sutton Trust Reveals How Much Social ‘Mobility’ There Really Is

Just TEN Private Schools in the country provide us with 10% of the Country’s Elite. The TOP TEN Private Schools turn out to be: Source. Eton College Winchester College Charterhouse School Rugby School Westminster School Marlborough College Dulwich College Harrow School … Continue reading

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Cameron: Just When He Thought It Was A Good Day It’s 3-0!

Suddenly something jumps up and bites him in the arse! To really kick it home he has to swallow the fact that his ‘boy’ came 5th! Over to Rotherham – Could be worse because the Clegg ‘boy’ LOST his deposit! … Continue reading

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Cameron On Lord Leveson Report

“I Reckon I Just About Got Away With That”

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SAS Sgt Nightingale: Home For Christmas

Well at least someone got justice today. Danny Nightingale is home for Christmas and about time. What he did and got left with was not the brightest thing ever but the way he was subsequently treated was totally disproportionate. Let’s … Continue reading

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Lord Leveson Report: The Full Analysis

We got match day tickets for the Champions League Final some 9 months ago. All of us in the office got very excited. At that time we didn’t know who would be in the final but we didn’t worry about … Continue reading

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Bonjour Joey Barton, Comment Allez-Vous?

Good grief! Who said he was a total and utter prdick? Correct! Fact!

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