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Finally There Is Some Movement For Chris Tappin

A retired British businessman accused of selling surface-to-air missile parts to Iran has pleaded guilty in a US court. Christopher Tappin had denied the charges but changed his plea at a hearing in El Paso, Texas, this afternoon in an … Continue reading

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Apple Told To Stop Sodding About

Link Judges express disbelief at the technology giant’s claim that it would take two weeks to post a statement on its website. Seems that tablet isn’t anywhere near as fast as they claim it is. If they had used a … Continue reading

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Contempt At The BBC Hits A Whole New Level

The BBC today has decided to ‘sack’ Danny Baker from his daily afternoon show. The BBC will send out a whole lot of twaddle about how it was done for this reason or that but Danny certainly feels like he … Continue reading

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Superstorm Sandy

Seems odd to call something so devastating ‘super’ but there we are. The extent of what has happened is very difficult to grasp.

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‘Celebrate’: Possibly The Greatest Book Ever Written *

* By somebody else. Pearls of wisdom can be found in this mighty tome. One that struck us as being particularly useful is that when making ‘milky coffee’ it can be greatly enhanced by the inclusion of hot milk. Can’t … Continue reading

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