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KFC “Monkey Bites”: We Feel A Little Uncomfortable

We might be going over the top but a bunch of white blokes doing this? It feels uncomfortable. Link. Are they Chelsea fans?

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Denis MacShane MP Apologies But What For?

He submitted 19 false expenses claims, not one or two, nineteen fraudulent claims but read his apology carefull. What is he apologising for? Looks to us that the only thing he is sorry about is the fact that he has been caught. … Continue reading

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The BBC Sack Danny Baker And We Ask The BIG Question

Given that the BBC has just sacked Danny Baker we thought it might be interesting to conduct a poll of our readers. The question we are asking is this: Which of these presenters do you find the most loathsome and … Continue reading

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Oven-Mitt Romney On Moxnews

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Denis MacShane MP Suspended By The Labour Party

Yet another MP who appears to have been fiddling away to his heart’s content. Seems he has bought, with our money of course, more laptops than you’d find in a branch of PC World. It doesn’t end there either because … Continue reading

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Oven-Mitt Romney – Would He Stay Calm During An International Crisis?

What do you think?

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GCSE English Exam Scandle

Depending what you read it seems it was everybody’s fault while at the same time it was nobody’s fault. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to us and that does appear to be the intention. Our opinion is pretty straightforward … Continue reading

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