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This Is The Plain Speaking We Need From A New P+C Commissioner

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Wake-Up America! You’ve Had An Extra Hour In Bed!

Get yourselves down to that voting booth and put your mark down. Don’t wait until the last-minute. Something might crop up and you could end up regretting your missed opportunity for 4 years or even more.

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Dave And Beka: True!

More emails that passed between Dave and Rebekah have been revealed today but still not all of them. The reason for this is given as: Mr Cameron has refused to respond to questions from Mr Bryant, and No 10 has … Continue reading

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“Our Economics Teacher’s Away; Can You Cover Her Lesson On ‘Tax- Avoidance’?”

Seems we have 24,000 supply teachers going into our schools who are ‘Temps’ for ISS Ltd. The chances are you have not heard of ISS Ltd before and there is a good reason for that. They are based in the … Continue reading

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Is Denis MacShane An Even Bigger Arse Than We First Thought?

There are letters in which a former Labour minister admits expenses abuses but they cannot be used to prosecute him because they are protected by parliamentary privilege. Denis MacShane, who has stepped down as an MP after a damning report from the … Continue reading

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Louise ‘Munchkin’ Mensch Certainly Has Some Questions To Address

Blog Link Readers will know we have no time for this self-publicist and could never understand why the media would keep falling at her feet. Wait a minute – yes we can; especially older men. Now Mensch (41) is living … Continue reading

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