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Is This For Real?

Like the scene with Homer Simpson in a hospital bed: “Bed goes up, bed goes down. Bed goes up….” Homer had the same problem in the past!

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Nadine Dorries MP has been suspended from the Conservative Party

How much rope did they use?

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Have The BBC Sent Enough Reporters Over To The States?

How many of these overpaid reporters have swung a freebee and gone to America to do their Christmas shopping at the Tax payers expense? Do they not have any reporters in America? What a Jolly Boys Outing! Is there anybody … Continue reading

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Amazing Breakthrough For Drinkers: Go Australian!

If you are concerned about the number of units you are drinking in a day then choose Australian units. We have no idea how this works but take a look for yourselves!

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Pointless MP To Spend Time In Jungle: ‘Won’t Be Missed’

Nadine Dorries MP is heading off to the jungle to appear with other D-Listers in an utterly pointless TV show. Good riddance to the lot of them. What does disturb us is the idea that she is still able to draw … Continue reading

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