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So What The Hell Has Been Going On At The BBC?

The Sa-Vile scandle, the Free-Trips to America for their Christmas Shopping, the sacking of Danny Baker and now we learn that more than 100 of the BBC’s most famous presenters will be forced to give up freelance contracts that could have allowed … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Shows That He Has Not Lost His Sense Of Humour

Dispite everything that has happened to the man, particularly in the last 60 plus hours, Mitt has shown to us all that he retains a sense of humour. As he left the platform for what might be the last time … Continue reading

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PMQ’s Update

It is hard to believe but the pathetic display by our politicians this lunchtime was even worse than we have had to suffer of late. If this weekly broadcast exists to ensure our continued contempt for these useless individuals then it is completely … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: A Chance To Come Clean

We at The FordingtonField will give to a charity of his choice a cheque for five hundred of our British pennies if he can prove – to our satisfaction– that he does not wear Shredded Wheat on his head. A … Continue reading

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Romney And Obama: Both Very Impressive

Anyone who listened to these men speaking after it was all over cannot help but have been impressed by how statesman like they were. Both spoke articulately, without hesitation and with real authority. Both men demonstrated that they can be regarded … Continue reading

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