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Donald Trump Has A Close Shave

Finally realising that his comb-over was starting to look like it originated from his sack & crack Donald Dump has done the decent thing. As promised, we have donated five hundred of our British pennies to the charity of his … Continue reading

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Philip Hammond MP: What Does He Know About Our Armed Forces?

Well judging from his CV that is pretty simple – Bugger All. Given this it is very strange that he should decide that after, what is it now, all of 12 months we should cut our forces by over 4,000 but … Continue reading

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Cameron (LOL) Ambushed Live On TV

Of all the TV it could happen on it was ‘This Morning’ that caught Off-Shore Cameron (LOL) in a trap LIVE and delivered him a list of potential Tory Child Abusers. That top-lip went even tighter, the bead of sweat on it glistened and … Continue reading

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Get Well Soon Bradley

Bradley Wiggins has been struck by a van and is at present in hospital. He was able to walk about after the collision but does seem to have damaged his ribs. We wish him the very best and hope he … Continue reading

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