Philip Hammond MP: What Does He Know About Our Armed Forces?

Well judging from his CV that is pretty simple – Bugger All.

“I know nothing!”

Given this it is very strange that he should decide that after, what is it now, all of 12 months we should cut our forces by over 4,000 but double the part-time volunteers.

Well as long as there is a 6 month warning from the enemy, in order to train the part-timers in the high-tech world of the military, then we can not see a single problem with this proposal.

There might just be a slight snag if the enemy are not quite so British about things and don’t provide us with that 6 months advanced notice.

What we know is that in 2009 it emerged that Hammond had claimed just £8 short of the maximum allowance for a second home in London from 2007 to 2008 even though he lived in the commuter belt town of Woking.

(They must just hate the Interweb. ff)

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