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Has This All Given Tess May Sleepless Nights?

Starting to look that way.

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Tess May Eats Even More Humble Pie

Bet she loves whoever it was in the Labour Party who allowed redition flights through UK airspace if, in fact, they happened of course. Now the rest of us can’t help thinking, given how much this has cost all of us and … Continue reading

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Weymouth Early Evening

November Down At Weymouth

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Dorries MP Update

She has let it be known that she will be donating part of her salary as a Member of Parliament to a local charity. Well that’s one good move for her but she hasn’t said what she is doing with her fee … Continue reading

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Starbucks: Why They Carry On Despite Poor Performance

A Reuters report last month showed that Starbucks had paid no corporation, or income, tax in the UK in the past three years. The world’s biggest coffee chain paid only £8.6 million in total UK tax over 13 years during … Continue reading

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