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Why Is Our War Hero SAS Sgt Danny Nightingale In Gaol?

Sgt Danny Nightingale is a member of our Armed Forces. He is in gaol because he was found in possession of an ‘illegal firearm’. As one of our finest out in Iraq we wanted him armed to the teeth. Now … Continue reading

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Dispatches C4 Tonight: What A Bunch Of Lowlife

On the odd occasion we do get an email that asks us things like “Don’t you have anything better to do?” or “Don’t you people have a life?” Others suggest we are just “Looking for something to moan about.” At times … Continue reading

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Labour’s Ed Milibland Says “I’m Just Like Margaret Thatcher”


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MPs’ Expenses: Here We Go Again!

Helen Grant, Tory, only lives 19 miles from The House of Commons but manages to claim the maximum expenses for a 2nd home. She has a taxpayer-funded flat in London and her property portfolio also includes a £1.8 million house close to … Continue reading

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Cameron Refuses To Resort To Stereotypes At The CBI

“When this country was at war in the 1940s, Whitehall underwent a revolution,” he will say, referring to the British government. “Normal rules were circumvented. Convention was thrown out,” Cameron has indicated in advance extracts of a speech to business leaders today. … Continue reading

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