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Stephen Dorrell Has A Flat In That-There London

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Mike Lynch And David Cameron: We Need To Look Into This…..

Lynch and HP has a funny smell about it. We are not sure what it is. Lynch and Cameron seem to know each other but we are not sure that Lynch has a seat at the Christmas Dinner Table. Probably just … Continue reading

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The Beckham’s: Too Good To Miss!!!

She is to play the part of the Scarecrow yet again in The Wizard Of Oz. (Yes she IS that stupid. She doesn’t realise that the Scarecrow is looking for a brain and she doesn’t comprehend that Oz isn’t Australia. … Continue reading

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We Will Only Make One Comment

Are You Really Trying To Tell Us That Nobody EVER Took The Piss Out Of That Girly Haircut? Now You Are Having A Laugh!!!

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Voting: What An Odd Juxtaposition

On the one hand we have a very strange arrangement. We divide all of those who are eligible to vote into 3 groups. We then get each separate group to vote and we count the votes separately. We then decide … Continue reading

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Graham Parker And The Rumour: New Album Out NOW

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Dominic Grieve Takes Just 40 Min To Refuse To Intervene

The Attorney General spent a FULL 40 min on the case of SAS Sgt Nightingale before refusing to intervene in the case. That means he will need to spend yet another night in gaol. What was Off-Shore Cameron’s response? “Due … Continue reading

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