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Gideon Osborne And The Claim By The Daily Mirror

Thanks to The Mirror for publishing this one. Certainly needs to be followed up. What IS it with property and this bunch of politicians?

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Football: Don’t You Just Love It?

The Ups and Downs Of Being A Football Manager

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Mike Lynch, Hewlett Packard And ‘The Autonomy Affair’

This was a $10 Billion deal that seems to have gone a bit mammaries-up. Lots of financial stuff involved here but the bottom line is that we can not see how they can both be telling the 100% total truth. May … Continue reading

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MPs’ Expenses: Stephen Dorrell MP Reported

As we mentioned yesterday, Stephen Dorrell has a flat in that-there London. Sure enough it seems like there is a chance there are more dodgy rent deals about. It would appear that he didn’t watch ‘Dispatches’ at the start of the week. Link. … Continue reading

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SAS Sgt Nightingale: Progress!

Lawyers for Danny Nightingale were granted a full hearing next week by Britain’s most senior judge following pressure from Bloggers and members of the public offering their support. Somewhat belatedly several politicians have joined with us to move this case … Continue reading

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