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Did You See Question Time 22/11/12?

If you were as unimpressed with (George) Iain Duncan Smith as we were you might like to reflect on this story we ran – Link How close was he to saying, “Now listen here Laddie!”

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Football: Don’t You Just Love It? Part 2

The Downs Of Being A Football Manager (Link to Part 1)

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What Was That We Asked About The Calibre Of Our MPs’

Would you really want this ‘nutter’ as your representative? Good grief! “Calm Down Dear” (yes we are taking the pee out of Cameron with that quote. ff)

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Gollum Gove Mocks Leveson During ‘Spectator’ Awards

He is STILL a horrible little man and, in our opinion, is never going to get any better. Let’s hope Lord Justice Leveson comes up and bites him in the arse. Now then, it’s just typical. The things you see … Continue reading

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