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Oh Great, Yet Another MP Available To Claim Expenses

We Taxpayers are just so lucky. Another MP has returned to these shores to make themselves available to fill in as many expense forms as they can lay their hands on.

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Aid Money: Oh Dear Cameron!

Poor old Off-Shore Cameron has managed it yet again. Full of himself and keen to show and tell everyone how wonderful he is. Then the truth comes out. Aid Money in Rwanda, if Dispatches is to be believed, looks a … Continue reading

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The Bank Of Canada As Well As England

Mark Carney: How does that work? Well it certainly says a lot for our system of both education and finance that Gideon Osborne felt he needed to pick a Canadian. Hang on there: isn’t Gideon Osborne a product of our education and … Continue reading

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Undercover: How To Dodge Tax

How come it is so easy for a TV team of reporters to track down Tax Dodging when the Government do not seem able to? Does that not strike you as very, very odd? Is it really the case that … Continue reading

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Flood Insurance

Environment minister Richard Benyon recognised that 5.2 million properties were potentially at flood risk and the government was working hard to find an affordable solution to the issue. He said he did not want to see a huge burden being … Continue reading

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Cows In The Sun In Dorchester

After many requests here is the photo of the cows in Dorchester.

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