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Bonjour Joey Barton, Comment Allez-Vous?

Good grief! Who said he was a total and utter prdick? Correct! Fact!

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What Does 45p A Unit Mean?

Thanks to Off-Shore ‘Multi-Millionaire, Tory, £350-a-bottle, Posh-Boy’ Cameron the rest of us can look forward to a pretty miserable Christmas. It is hard to get a grip on what all of this means so here, at The FordingtonField, we decided to do … Continue reading

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If Cameron Was REALLY Worried About Drink……

If he was really worried about all the health dangers, the mid-town disturbances and the pressure on A&E departments then one solution would be easier. It’s youngsters drinking quickly and to excess that cause the initial problems. The fights that break … Continue reading

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Aussie Rules! Price Per Unit Oz Style

We’ll drink Australian thanks Cameron and pay the price based on their units.

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We Are Back On The Homebrew!

Tory millionaires will not worry about a rise in the Tax on drink AND NEITHER WILL WE! Be nice to know where the price rise income will go. Jeremy Isa Hunt was on the TV this morning and didn’t seem … Continue reading

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“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”

What a nasty little club Chelsea are at the moment. Never used to be like that. Are their real supporters proud of their conduct over the last 9 – 10 months? Can’t believe they are. Nasty little bunch running it at … Continue reading

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