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Osborne’s Xmas Panto: Look, Your Career; “It’s Behind You!”

Feel free to use the list below to play “Osborne’s BS Bingo!” All you need to do is tick them off as he trots them out ad nauseam. Get ready for: Nothing to do with me Not my fault It … Continue reading

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A Modern Christmas Carol For All Of Us This Year

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The Leveson Inquiry: Three Things They Want You To Ignore

There is a whole school of red herring swimming about with this one and the media are doing their very best. They are all working hard to make out that something they are not interested in is something that should … Continue reading

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A Special Announcement From The Field

We are pleased to announce to the nation that, having gone around testing everyone in the office, not a single person is pregnant. We will keep all our readers updated with the latest news as and when we receive it.

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