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What Was That You Said, Adenoid Ed?

Poor old Adenoid Ed Milibland is skating on some pretty thin ice from where we are sat. He needs to be a little bit careful because half the time we don’t actually have a clue what on earth Adenoid Ed … Continue reading

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Even When They Get Caught………..!

Margaret Moran was last month found guilty of fraudulently claiming £53,000 from the tax payer. She has escaped a criminal record after a judge ruled that she was “not fit mentally to defend herself”. Mr Justice Saunders told Southwark Crown … Continue reading

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Gary McKinnon: RESULT! Now For Alan Turing

Many of us would say, “About bloody time!” LINK Cameron can also make some amends for the treatment of Alan Turing as well. The Field report from before LINK and from the Interweb today LINK.

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The ‘Balanced And Fair’ Debate On TV Or Radio

Don’t you just love them? We have a Topic of the Day and we are all allowed to talk about it. In the studio we have a couple of ‘experts’ who, usually, nobody has ever heard of. To keep it … Continue reading

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