The Dreadful Events In Connecticut

The Second Amendment tells all Americans that “The right to keep and bear arms is the enumerated right that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use..”

A couple of us here have guns. A 410 shotgun, a rabbit and rat shotgun, and a 22 air rifle or two amongst the staff. To own the shotgun we have to have a certificate that has to be verified by the police who contact your GP. The security of the weapon is also checked personally by a police official. We live in rural Dorset and are well aware of guns and what they can do.

What the hell does any homeowner in America need one of these for?


For us it is incomprehensible that any sane nation would sanction the holding of a weapon like this in the HOME!

There are adverts for these weapons like you were buying a pair of shoes.

Christmas List

They are promoted as a means of ‘Home Defense’.

Home Defence

Then we have the happy smiling face of Libby wearing, for who knows what possible reason, her camouflage gear at a shooting range!

The Happy Face

Here is a LINK to a US site, CBS News, which is worth reading. The first part IS harrowing as it tells of what they know but the scary part is the comments section, from Americans, at the bottom. We don’t hold out a lot of hope anything will get better.

Here is a PAGE of the timeline of horrific gun crime in America.

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