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‘Wally’ Mitchell Is A Tory Posh Boy: All The Rest Is Hype

The Spin Doctors are out in force desperately trying to make out that Posh-Boy, arrogant Mitchell is not a slimy little shite. Even though he is. Kissing a Police woman on the front of the papers? Utterly toe-curling. The Off-Shore Team is … Continue reading

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Lord Chris Patten: What Is He Lining Up For Himself?

Why is it we are sitting here with one question in our minds? We just can’t help thinking why it is that Chris Patten is so keen to pay Entwistle £450,000? We can’t believe, as some have suggested, that this … Continue reading

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The Maria Miller’s Tale – We Nearly Forgot To Tell You!

Never mind all the ‘parents living in the house costing the tax payer £90,000’ stuff. We forgot to tell you about the house she was renting from  Tory donor, Nigel McNair Scott. Not too much in that except it would … Continue reading

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So Just How ‘Tight’ Were The Cabinet Being With The Queen?

We get to the bottom of the ‘gift’ Cameron and his hanger-ons gave The Queen earlier this week. We managed to find the catalogue in the dustbin at the back of No. 10, after a nice policeman let us in … Continue reading

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